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**NEW** Audio Tests on all the equations and units you need to know for GCSE Physics

GCSE Physics Specifications are changed into questions ensuring you know exactly what you need for your exams

It is vital that you know exactly what is on your specification for your subjects and exam board. Although important it is often overlooked. Revision guides, YouTube videos and textbooks are all excellent but also quite time inefficient without the guidance of the specification. The specification tells you precisely what you need to know. This site takes the specification and turns every sentence into a question making it user friendly. I also try to throw in some good humour, useful videos and helpful simulations too.

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AQA GCSE Physics and Combined Science

You can download our specification focus questions here. Energy answers are given and all other answers can be downloaded as a bundle for £10.00.

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About David Ridings

David Ridings – here to help with your GCSE Revision

This site is written by myself, David Ridings.

I have been a physics teacher for over 20 years. I read physics at St Andrew’s University School of Physics and Astronomy. I trained to teach at The University of Oxford Department for Education.

Remember that examiners cannot ask anything that is not on the specification. Make sure you know it well.

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