AQA GCSE Physics Our Solar System 


The following resources will help you answer these questions

  1. Page 73 of the specification is your best resource to help you answer these questions. –
  2. The bbc bitesize website has good coverage of space.


  1. How many stars are within our solar system? 
  2. What is this star called? 
  3. What orbits around our sun? 
  4. Write down the names of the 8 planets? 
  5. Give the name of a dwarf planet. 
  6. Give some examples of things that orbit our planet. 
  7. Which galaxy is our solar system a small part of? 
  8. Explain how the sun was formed? What is a nebula? 
  9. Explain what happens at the start of a stars life cycle? 
  10. Explain how a fusion reaction prevents a star from collapsing? 


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