AQA GCSE Physics Pressure in a fluid 1


The following resources will be helpful to answer these questions. 

  1. The specification is very helpful indeed – From Page 48
  2. The BBC Bitesize website is also very good –


  1. Can a fluid be a gas? 
  2. Draw a diagram to illustrate ‘The pressure in fluids causes a force normal (at right angles) to any surface’. 
  3. Write down an equation to calculate the pressure at a surface. 
  4. What are the units of pressure? 
  5. Give an alternative unit for pressure? 
  6. What is the unit for the area? 
  7. What is the unit for force? 
  8. Rearrange the equation so the force is the subject of the equation. 
  9. Rearrange the equation so that area is the subject of the equation.

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