AQA GCSE Physics Pressure in a fluid 2 (HT only)


The following resources will be helpful to answer these questions. 

  1. The specification is very helpful indeed – From Page 48.
  2. The BBC Bitesize website is also very good –


  1. How can the pressure due to a column of liquid be calculated? 
  2. What are the units of height? 
  3. What are the units of density? 
  4. What is the unit of pressure? 
  5. What are the units for gravitational field strength? 
  6. Can you rearrange the equation for dentistry, height and gravitational field strength? 
  7. How does the pressure at the bottom of a column of liquid compare to the pressure at the top? 
  8. A partially (or totally) submerged object experiences a greater pressure on the bottom surface than on the top surface. What direction is the resultant force on the object? 
  9. Write down the definition of resultant force? Can you draw a diagram to show the situation described in Q8?
  10. What is this resultant force called? 
  11. What are the factors that affect floating and sinking? 

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