AQA GCSE Physics Red Shift


The following resources will help you answer these questions

  1. Page 73 of the specification is your best resource to help you answer these questions. –
  2. The bbc bitesize website has good coverage of space.


  1. There is an observed increase in the wavelength of light from most distant galaxies. What is meant by ‘observed increase in the wavelength’? 
  2. How does this increase in wavelength depend on the distance to the galaxy? 
  3. What is redshift evidence of? 
  4. What does redshift support? 
  5. What does the big bang theory suggest in terms of the beginning of the universe? 
  6. What did observations of supernovae since 1998 suggest? 
  7. Give two examples of things that are not fully understood about the universe. 

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