AQA GCSE Physics Changes in Momentum


  1. Specification – page 58 –
  2. BBC Bitesize  –


  1. In terms of momentum what happens when a force acts on an object? 
  2. Study this snippet of information.
  3. Can you combine the two equations in the first line to get the equation in the second line? 
  4. What are the units for change in momentum? 
  5. Explain in terms of the rate of change of momentum the following safety features. How do these reduce impact forces? 
    1. Airbags 
    2. Seat belts 
    3. Cycle helmets and cushioned surfaces. 
    4. Gymnasium crash mats 
  1. Can you apply equations relating to force, mass, velocity and acceleration to explain how the changes involved are interrelated? 


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