AQQ GCSE Physics Changes of state and specific latent heat

  1. What is the energy needed for a substance to change its state called? 
  2. Do five star jumps. 
  3. When a change of state occurs, the energy supplied changes the energy stored (internal energy). What is not changed. 
  4. Sketch a heating curve for water. Temperature against energy supplied. 
  5. Define the specific latent heat of a substance. 
  6. Look at this equation.
  7. What is the unit for mass? 
  8. What is the unit for specific latent heat? 
  9. What is the unit of energy for a change of state? 
  10. Rearrange the equation so that m = and L = 
  11. What does the L refer to? 
  12. Define the specific latent heat of fusion. 
  13. Define the specific latent of vaporisation. 
  14. Spend twenty minutes on your Nintendo switch. 
  15. Sketch a heating curve and a cooling curve and label where the changes of state occur. 
  16. Why are the regions on the graph where there is a change of state flat? 
  17. What is the difference between specific heat capacity and specific latent heat? 

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