Knowledge questions for AQA GCSE Physics Paper 1 Higher Tier Single Science Summer 2022 exams only

AQA GCSE Physics Paper 2 Higher Tier Knowledge Questions and audio answers are also available for £10 payable by Sendowl. These cover the topics of

We use the SendOwl website to send the pdf. Audio answers are included. The pdf contains a password for you to access the audio answers on this site. You may need your parents to help to use Paypal.

Free AQA GCSE Physics Higher Tier Paper 1 Questions and Answers

What are these?

I have used the AQA Physics specification as a basis for making questions. I have taken every idea and made them into questions. I have made questions on the topics listed as the main focus in the advanced information document (higher tier), Listed below

Why are they important?

We all know that the examiners cant ask anything that is not on the specification so this is a superb resource for making sure you have all the knowledge needed for AQA GCSE Physics paper 1 for summer 2022 exams only.

How do I use them?

Firstly print them off on good quality paper. Then use the AQA GCSE PHYSICS SPECIFICATION as your main resource. This will contain most of the information you need. Use the search tool to find the relevant parts. Supplement your reading with excellent revision sites such as BBC Bitesize, youtube channel free science lessons and GCSE Physics Online.

Where are they?

The questions are embedded here and can be downloaded easily.

Audio Answers – here you will find the answers to each section. Print the pdf, listen to the answers and make good notes

Energy changes in a system and the ways energy is stored before and after such changes

Conservation and dissipation of energy

Energy Transfer

Changes of state and the particle model

Internal Energy and Energy Transfers

Below is the AQA GCSE Specification which is invaluable when answering these questions.

Paper 2 main focus questions for and answers for AQA Higher Tier are available for 10 pounds via Sendowl

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