Electromagnetism Questions for AQA GCSE Physics #physics #gcsephysics #revision #aqa

Current carrying wires, the right-hand grip rule, solenoids, and electromagnetic devices

  1. When a current flows through a conductor what is produced around it? 
  2. What does the strength of a magnetic field around a current-carrying depend on? State two things. 
  3. How can the right-hand grip rule be used to decide the direction of the magnetic field lines around a current-carrying wire? 
  4. How can a wire be shaped so that it forms a solenoid? 
  5. What does shaping into a solenoid do to the strength of a magnetic field? 
  6. How would you describe the magnetic field inside a solenoid? 
  7. Is the magnetic field around a solenoid similar to that of a bar magnet? 
  8. What does an iron core do to the strength of a solenoid? 
  9. Where would you place the iron for it to be a ‘core’? 
  10. What is another name for a solenoid with an iron core? 
  11. Find a diagram of an electric bell and explain how it works. 
  12. Find a diagram of a relay switch and explains how it works. 

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