Magnetism and Electromagnetism Focus questions for AQA Combined Science Higher Tier Trilogy

The following questions on magnetism and electromagnetism are based on the specification embedded below. The topic is to be found on page 159. If you can answer all questions then you will have all the knowledge you need for this topic.

The specification has been changed into questions giving you real focus – remember the examiners can’t ask you anything that is not on the specification.

43 Questions on Magnetism and Electromagnetism for AQA Combined Science Trilogy

  1. Where on a magnet are the magnetic forces the strongest? A nice and easy one to start!
  2. What happens when two magnets are brought close together.
  3. What do two like poles do to each other? e.g a North and a North.
  4. What do two unlike poles do to each other? e.g. a North and South pole.
  5. What is your understanding of a non-contact force?
  6. What is the difference between a permanent magnet and an induced magnet?
  7. Copy and Complete the following paragraph:- Induced magnetism always causes a force of _____________. When removed from the magnetic field an induced magnet loses most/all of its magnetism ____________.
  8. Name four magnetic materials. 
  9. Define the terms magnetic field. 
  10. Is the force between a magnet and a magnetic material always repulsive or attractive? 
  11. How does the strength of a magnetic field depend on the distance from a magnet? 
  12. Where are the strongest parts of a  bar magnet? 
  13. Copy and complete the following:- The ___________ of a magnetic field line is from the _____________ (seeking) pole of a magnet to the _______________ pole of the magnet.
  14. How can the direction of a magnetic field be decided? 
  15. What does a magnetic compass contain? 
  16. Have a rest for ten minutes. 
  17. Where does the needle of a magnetic compass point in the Earth’s magnetic field? 
  18. How can you plot the magnetic field around a bar magnet using a small plotting compass? 
  19. Draw the magnetic field around a bar magnet. Label where the field is strongest and weakest. How can you tell from the spacing of the magnetic field lines? 
  20. How is a direction represented on the magnetic field lines? 
  21. Which part of the Earth is magnetic? 
  22. When a current flows through a conductor what is produced around it? 
  23. What does the strength of a magnetic field around a current-carrying depend on? State two things. 
  24. How can the right-hand grip rule be used to decide the direction of the magnetic field lines around a current-carrying wire? 
  25. How can a wire be shaped so that it forms a solenoid? 
  26. What does shaping into a solenoid do to the strength of a magnetic field? 
  27. How would you describe the magnetic field inside a solenoid? 
  28. Is the magnetic field around a solenoid similar to that of a bar magnet? 
  29. What does an iron core do to the strength of a solenoid? 
  30. Where would you place the iron for it to be a ‘core’? 
  31. What is another name for a solenoid with an iron core? 
  32. What happens when a conductor carrying a current is placed in a magnetic field? 
  33. What is this effect called? 
  34. In Fleming’s left-hand rule what do the thumb, first finger and second finger represent? 
  35. What are the factors that affect the size of the force on a conductor? 
  36. This equation is for a conductor at right angles to a magnetic field and carrying a current:
  37. What is the unit of force? 
  38. What is the unit of magnetic flux density? 
  39. What is the unit of current? 
  40. What is the unit of length? 
  41. Rearrange the equation so that force =, current =, length = and magnetic flux density = 
  42. Describe the motion of a coil of wire in a magnetic field? 
  43. Consider the current in the two long sides of the coil of wire and Fleming’s left-hand rule to explain how the electric motor rotates.

Videos to help

Excellent Video by Primrose Kitten
Great video by Science with Hazel

The free science lessons playlist is also fantastic. Ignore the ones clearly labelled triple!


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