Questions on The Structure of an Atom for AQA GCSE Physics

You will find most of these answers directly from the specification embedded here. Start from page 37.

Before you start you might want to watch this fun video on the scale of the universe. Its old but still captivating.

  1. What is the approximate radius of the atom? Hint: It is a very small number and it is in standard form e.g. 10 to the power of something. 
  2. What is the charge of the nucleus of an atom? 
  3. Is a proton positively or negatively charged?
  4. Is an en electron positively or negatively charged? 
  5. What charge is a neutron? 
  6. Where are the protons and neutrons found in the atom? 
  7. Where are the electrons found within the atom? 
  8. Copy and complete the following: The radius of a nucleus is less than _____________ of the radius of an atom. 
  9. Where is most of the mass of the atom found? 
  10. Are the electrons in an atom arranged at the same distance from the nucleus? 
  11. Where do the electrons exist? 
  12. What happens to an electron if it absorbs electromagnetic radiation? 
  13. What happens when an electron moves closer to the nucleus of an atom? 

Audio Commentary for answers

BBC Bitesize help

This link on Atomic Structure will help with this section.

Videos to help


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