Questions on The development of the model of the atom for AQA GCSE Physics

This topic shares common content with AQA GCSE Chemistry

Start with this video about the history of the atom.

The key figures in this topic are James Chadwick and Neils Bohr.

The relevant page of the AQA GCSE Physics specification is page 38.

The Questions

  1. What may new experimental evidence lead to? 
  2. What were atoms thought to be before the discovery of the electron? 
  3. What model of the atom did the discovery of the electron lead to? Mmmmm you could eat it! 
  4. Describe the model of the atom you wrote in the above question. 
  5. What was the conclusion of the results of the alpha scattering experiment? This video will help with the alpha scattering experiment.
  6. Describe the alpha scattering experiment. What was fired at what? This Phet simulation is quite good on the Rutherford scattering experiment.
  7. What is the nuclear model of the atom and what did it replace? 
  8. Copy and complete this paragraph. Niels Bohr adapted the nuclear model by suggesting that __________ orbit the nucleus at specific ___________. The theoretical calculations of __________ agreed with ______________observations.
  9. What did later experiments prove you could do with the mass of positive charge? 
  10. What did James Chadwick prove? How many years after the nucleus became an accepted scientific idea was this? 

Audio Answers

Videos to help

The Alpha Scattering Experiment


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