Advanced information for AQA GCSE Physics and AQA Combined science Summer exams 2022 only

For convenience, I have embedded these two vital documents here.

Things to watch out for.

  1. There are different main focus topics for foundation tier and higher tier papers.
  2. The required practicals that will be assessed are clearly labelled.
  3. Topics that will not be assessed are clearly listed.
  4. Some topics are not listed at all. These topics may come up but in a low tariff way, i.e. will not be worth that many marks.
  5. If you want to study A level sciences then my advice is to revise everything – no shortcuts.

Make sure that you revise topics that are not listed in either list – they might come up.

GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) Advance information June 2022

GCSE Physics (8463) Advance information June 2022

Read these documents carefully and best of luck in your exams.


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