AQA Combined Science Physics Foundation Tier Required Practicals Paper 1 and Paper 2 Summer 2022 Exams only

These practicals will be assessed this Summer (2022) I have chosen the most popular Youtube videos on the practicals. These are for FOUNDATION Tier only.

Paper 1 – two practicals for this paper

Required practical activity 14: an investigation to determine the specific heat capacity of
one or more materials. The investigation will involve linking the decrease of one energy
store (or work done) to the increase in temperature and subsequent increase in thermal
energy stored.

Required practical activity 16: use circuit diagrams to construct appropriate circuits to
investigate the I–V characteristics of a variety of circuit elements, including a filament lamp,
a diode and a resistor at constant temperature.

Paper 2 – only one practical for this paper

Required practical activity 21: investigate how the amount of infrared radiation absorbed or
radiated by a surface depends on the nature of that surface


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