Revision Questions for Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion – AQA GCSE Physics Higher Tier

These videos on mouse trap reactions to show chain reactions are fun

Make sure that you can answer these questions

  1. What is meant by nuclear fission? 
  2. Replace get to got for some of things you don’t want to do. E.g. I’ve got to revise so that I can do well in my exams. 
  3. Is spontaneous fission common? 
  4. How does fission occur? 
  5. Copy and complete the following: The nucleus undergoing fission splits into two ___________ nuclei, roughly __——– in size, and emits two or _________ neutrons plus gamma rays. Energy is ___________ by the fission reaction.
  6. What do all fission products have? 
  7. What may the neutrons go on and start? 
  8. How is the energy released controlled? 
  9. Name one use of an uncontrolled chain reaction.
  10. What is the joining of two light nuclei to form a heavier nucleus called? 
  11. In this process what is some of the mass converted into? 

Audio Answers

Videos to help


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