AQA GCSE Physics Series and Parallel Circuits Revision Questions


  1. State the two ways in which electrical components can be joined together.
  2. For a series circuit, what can you say about the current that flows through each component?
  3. In a series circuit, how does the potential difference behave?
  4. If two components are connected in series how can the total resistance be calculated?
  5. Write down an equation to calculate the total resistance of components connected in series.
  6. What can you say about the potential difference across components in a parallel circuit?
  7. Write a sentence to explain how current behaves in a parallel circuit?
  8. If a two Ohm resistor and a four Ohm resistor are connected in parallel what can you say about the total resistance?

The above questions can be answered mainly using the below extract from the AQA GCSE Physics Specification.

Audio Answers and Commentary

Series and Parallel series circuits

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