Waves for detection and exploration (physics only) Knowledge questions for AQA GCSE Physics

  1. How can ultrasound be used to work out the distance to the sea bed? 
  2. How does the frequency of ultrasound waves compare to the upper limit of human hearing? 
  3. What happens to ultrasonic waves when it meets the boundary between two mediums e.g flesh and bone? 
  4. How can ultrasound be used to form the image of a baby? 
  5. What are Seismic waves produced by? 
  6. Are P waves longitudinal or transverse? 
  7. Are S waves longitudinal or transverse? 
  8. Can S waves travel through a liquid? 
  9. Write a sentence to discuss the speed of S waves and P waves in solids and liquids. 
  10. How can S and P waves be used to determine the structure and size of the Earth’s core? 
  11. What is echo sounding and what can it be used for? 
Photo by Mr Borys on Pexels.com

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