Black Body radiation Knowledge questions for AQA GCSE Physics

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  1. What do all bodies do no matter what temperature they are at? 
  2. Copy and Complete: The hotter the _____________, the more infrared radiation it radiates in a given ______________.
  3. What does a perfect black body do? 
  4. What does a black body not do? 
  5. Copy and complete the following: Since a good absorber is also a good _______________, a perfect black body would be the best possible _______________. 
  6. All bodies (objects) emit ___________________.
  7. Sketch a graph of wavelength distribution against intensity for a black body.
  8. Copy and complete the following paragraph: A body at __________________________ ____________________ is absorbing radiation at the __________ ____________as it is emitting radiation. The temperature of a body _________________ when the body absorbs radiation _____________han it emits radiation.
  9. Copy and complete the following paragraph: The temperature of the Earth depends on many factors including: the rates of _________________ and _______________ of radiation, ________________ of radiation into space.
  10. State the factors that affect the temperature of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.
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