Properties of Electromagnetic Waves 2 Knowledge questions for AQA GCSE Physics and Combined Science

  1. In terms of the movement of electrons between energy levels of an atom explain how electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet, visible and X rays are made? 
  1. How are gamma rays produced? 
  1. How are radio waves made, how are they transmitted and how are they received? 
  1. Which three types of electromagnetic waves have hazardous effects on human body tissue?
  1. Which type of Electromagnetic radiation can cause the skin to age prematurely and can increase the risk of skin cancer? 
  1. Which two types of electromagnetic radiation can cause ionisation and can cause the mutation of genes and cause cancer? 
  1. What is meant by the term ionisation? 
  1. What is meant by radiation dose?
  1. What is the unit of radiation dose? 
  1. How many Sieverts is 1000 millisieverts (mSv)?

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