Energy and Voltage in Circuits focus questions for Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Physics

Have a go at these questions. Remember that the specification is the bottom line of what you need to know!

  1. s a series circuit or parallel circuit better for domestic lighting? Explain your answer. 
  2. How does the current in a series circuit change when there is more applied voltage? 
  3. How does the current change in a series circuit when more components are added? 
  4. How does current change with voltage for a wire, filament lamp, diode and resistor? 
  5. How can current change with voltage be investigated experimentally? 
  6. What happens to the current in a circuit if the resistance changes? 
  7. Explain how resistance changes with illumination for a light-dependent resistor. 
  8. Explain how resistance changes with temperature for a thermistor. 
  9. How can lamps and LEDs be used to indicate the presence of a current in a circuit? 
  10. Rearrange the equation voltage = current ✕ resistance. 
  11. What are the units of voltage, current and resistance? 
  12. What is current the rate of flow of? 
  13. Explain the equation Q = I × t. 
  14. Rearrange the above equation in all ways. 
  15. Copy and complete the following sentence:  electric current in __________ _____________ conductors is a flow of negatively charged _____________. 
  16. Explain with a branching diagram that current is conserved at a junction in a circuit. 
  17. What can you say about the voltage across two components connected in parallel? 
  18. How can you calculate the currents, voltages and resistances of two resistive components connected in a series circuit? 
  19. Finish of this sentence: voltage is the energy transferred per __________________. 
  20. Complete this sentence: the volt is a joule per ____________. 
  21. Consider the equation: energy transferred = charge × voltage. What are the units of energy, charge and voltage? What are the symbols for energy, charge and voltage? 
  22. Rearrange the above equation all ways. 

The video below will help with question 5


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