Past Paper Practice with video and link help suggestions – AQA Combined Science (Physics) Trilogy November 2021 Paper 1

The link below will take you to the paper

Here are some videos and links that will help you with each question.

Question 1 (resistance, electrical power and thermistors)

R=V/I, E=P/t

Remember to convert time into seconds.


Question 2 (size of atom, ionisation, alpha, beta and gamma)

Question 3 (renewable energy, KE and GPE calculations)

Renewable sources of energy –

Kinetic Energy – You need to be able to rearrange for v

Gravitational Potential Energy Equation

Question 4 (density practical, resolution and errors)

The page below will help with the error parts

Question 5 (Electrical Power, alternating current, current/voltage characteristics practical, resistors in series and parallel)

Question 6 (Internal Energy, Change of state, efficiency, specific latent heat, specific heat capacity)

The markscheme is embedded below


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