Specification hunt – 17 questions that make you explore the AQA GCSE Physics specification.

The answers to these seventeen questions are lurking in the AQA GCSE Specification below.

Answer the questions 1 by 1. Search for key terms in the specification to help you answer them. It is vital you get to know the specification as it is the bottom line of what you need to know.

  1. What is a system?
  2. Write down an equation to calculate the kinetic energy of a moving tennis ball.
  3. Write down an equation to calculate the gravitational potential energy of a satellite dish attached to a wall.
  4. Write down an equation to calculate the elastic potential energy stored in a stretched spring.
  5. Define the term specific heat capacity.
  6. Define power in terms of work done.
  7. What is an energy transfer of 1 Joule per second equal to?
  8. Complete the sentence – The higher the thermal conductivity……….
  9. What is meant by a renewable energy resource?
  10. Draw the electrical symbols a thermistor, fuse and diode.
  11. What must be present for an electric charge to flow around a circuit?
  12. What is the unit of charge flow?
  13. Write down an equation that links current, potential difference and resistance.
  14. Sketch a current/potential difference graph for a filament lamp.
  15. What colour are the live wire, earth wire and neutral wire?
  16. How are step-up transformers and step-down transformers used in the national grid?
  17. Define the term internal energy.

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