AQA GCSE Physics – Space Physics – Our Solar System (part 1)

Watch this video as an intro

Copy the following into your notes

Within our solar system, there is one star, the Sun, plus the eight planets and the dwarf planets that orbit around the Sun.

Natural satellites, the moons that orbit planets, are also part of the solar system.

Our solar system is a small part of the Milky Way galaxy.

The Milky Way

The Sun was formed from a cloud of dust and gas (nebula) pulled together by gravitational attraction.


At the start of a star’s life cycle, the dust and gas drawn together by gravity cause fusion reactions.

Fusion reactions lead to an equilibrium between the gravitational collapse of a star and the expansion of a star due to fusion energy.

Fusion Energy Force and Gravitational Force are Balanced

This Free Science lesson is also helpful as a summary.

Complete notes are found here for the space topic for AQA GCSE Physics


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