AQA GCSE Physics paper 2 Higher Tier June 21 Answer table with hints

We have given hints for all nine questions

The idea is to have a go at the questions using the hints.

The hints will give you the confidence to attempt the questions and is better than going straight to the questions.

The past paper and mark scheme are linked on the Microsoft word document.

Download as a pdf or more usefully Microsoft word below


AQA GCSE Physics Atomic Structure Notes for Separates and Combined

Please see below a sample version of these notes. They cover the following sub topics.

The structure of an atom
Mass number, atomic number and isotopes
The development of the model of the atom (common content with chemistry)
Radioactive decay and nuclear radiation
Nuclear equations
Half-lives and the random nature of radioactive decay
Radioactive contamination
Background Radiation
Different half-lives of radioactive isotopes
Uses of nuclear radiation
Nuclear Fission (Physics Only)
Nuclear Fusion (Physics Only)

Sample Pages

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