GCSE Electricity PhET Simulations

These amazing simulations will complement the GCSE Electricity perfectly.

Circuit Construction Kit:


Charges and Fields


Ohms Law – V=IR


Balloons and Static Electricity


John Travoltage



Electric Fields revision questions for AQA GCSE Physics


Thank you to https://edulab.com/van-de-graff-generator-how-does-it-work/ for the above image it is very much appreciated.

  1. What does a charged object create around itself?
  2. Where is the electric field the strongest?
  3. Where is the electric field the weakest?
  4. What is experienced when a second object is placed in the field.
  5. What happens to the forces if the distance between the two objects is decreased?
  6. Can you draw the electric field pattern for an isolated charged sphere? See diagram below

Thank you to https://www.scienceandmathsrevision.co.uk/topic/electric-fields/ for the diagram above – much appreciated.

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Required Practicals for AQA GCSE Physics Electricity

Here I have linked to popular youtube videos that cover these practicals perfectly

Required practical activity 4: use circuit diagrams to construct appropriate circuits to investigate
the I–V characteristics of a variety of circuit elements, including a filament lamp, a diode and a
resistor at constant temperature.

Required practical activity 3: Use circuit diagrams to set up and check appropriate circuits to
investigate the factors affecting the resistance of electrical circuits. This should include:
• the length of a wire at constant temperature
• combinations of resistors in series and parallel.