AQA GCSE Physics – Speed


The specification will tell you most of the answers to these questions. The fun starts on page 50 –

2. You may also find the BBC Bitesize website helpful also. 


  1. Why is speed a scalar quantity? 
  2. Why is the speed of a moving object rarely constant? 
  3. What does the speed a person can walk, run or cycle depend on? 
  4. State a typical walking speed. 
  5. State a typical running speed. 
  6. State the typical speed of a car. 
  7. Is the speed of the wind and the speed of sound constant? 
  8. What is the typical speed of sound in air? 
  9. In the lab how are distances and times typically measured?
  10.  How can speed be calculated using distance and time? 
  11. What equation can be used to calculate the distance travelled of a moving object? 
  12. Explain what is meant by average speed and explain how it can be calculated.