Phone Physics help for GCSE and IGCSE Physics

If you would like to have physics help in your pocket then I am launching a new service called Phone Physics.

The cost is £15.00 per month. This will allow you to message via WhatsApp me questions about your GCSE or IGCSE Physics. All exam boards are covered.

Ways it could be used

  1. Take a photo of a particular question and I can help you with it either by recording a message or writing a message back.
  2. Arrange a time to call so I can guide you through the question.
  3. You may wish to ask more general questions such as a question about the required practicals or simply course structure.

You can cancel the service at any time.

Please follow this PayPal Link to subscribe.

Once you have subscribed please email and I will send you a telephone number you can use for the service.

Thank you


Waves required practicals for AQA GCSE Physics

Required practical activity 8: make observations to identify the suitability of apparatus to measure the frequency, wavelength and speed of waves in a ripple tank and waves in a solid and take appropriate measurements.

Required practical activity 9 (physics only): investigate the reflection of light by different types of surface and the refraction of light by different substances.

Required practical activity 10: investigate how the amount of infrared radiation absorbed or radiated by a surface depends on the nature of that surface.