AQA GCSE Physics and Combined Science Workbooks

Get access to comprehensive AQA GCSE Physics and Combined Science Specification focus questions and answers, all workbooks are available for free download. The energy section answers are provided at no cost, while answers for all other sections can be purchased as a bundle for £10 via Paypal. After payment, you will be able to download the answers in a convenient pdf format.

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Topic 1 Energy

Topic 1 Energy Answers

Topic 2 Electricity

Here is also an audio test on the electrical symbols you need to know. e.g can you draw the symbol for a diode? These are also needed for AQA combined science too.

Topic 3 Particle Model of Matter

Topic 4 Atomic Structure

Topic 5 Forces

Topic 6 Waves

Topic 7 Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Topic 8 Space – for Physics Only